A Legacy of Pride and Confidence in America

  • Celebrate our great country
  • Defend our Constitution and Founders
  • Proclaim that we have been given a great gift
  • Protection from socialism

A Legacy of Responsible Immigration

  • Control what comes across our border with a wall/barrier
    to stop drugs/terrorists
  • Preserve and Protect Citizenship
    • Reward legal immigrants with potential citizenship
  • Create a guest worker program. Turn under-the-table
    workers into taxpayers

A Legacy of Keeping Promises to our Veterans

  • Make the VA more responsive: fund what our veterans need, and reduce costs by increasing private competition for services
  • Create a national standard for nurses so spouses can work where the service sends the member

A Legacy Effective Education

  • Trust local teachers: More money to classrooms through protection from Federal unfunded mandates

A Legacy of a Clean Environment based on Science

  • Protect our Bay