President Biden’s Failure of Leadership on Ukraine

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – Today, Andy Baan, Republican candidate for Virginia’s 2nd
Congressional District, issued the following statement about the Russian invasion of
“The invasion of Ukraine is a crisis of Joe Biden’s and the Democrat’s creation. When this
administration showed weakness in Afghanistan, they demonstrated that their leadership
was weak and ineffective. We need leaders in Congress to hold the President and the
spineless Democrats accountable for their lack of competence in handling these complex
situations. Biden has continually stated that our commitment to Ukraine’s independence is
‘ironclad,’ but his lack of exploring all diplomatic options before this invasion says
otherwise. His actions today do not align with his rhetoric. I hope you will join me in
prayer for a peaceful resolution to this terrible situation.”
Andy Baan is a retired 30-year Navy Captain who led multiple commands and is a Bronze
Star/combat veteran. He has a Master’s Degree from the Naval War College in National
Security and Strategic Studies.