A Representative for All of Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District

As I travel Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District, I am struck by the extraordinary people I meet – hardworking families; active-duty military and veterans like myself who proudly served our country; parents who are fighting to give their children a better life than what they had; entrepreneurs and so many others who are eager for the change in Washington, DC, that will put us back on the road to success.

I am Pro Life. I am a proud supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights. I respect the fact that many people I hope to represent in Congress will disagree with those positions, but I hope that we can engage in meaningful discussions to find commonality of shared goals of protecting our children, growing our economy, fixing our immigration system while strengthening our borders, and reaffirming our international alliances.

Defending the Most Vulnerable and Precious Among Us

I believe in the sanctity of life. I believe that life begins at conception, and we have an obligation to protect the lives of the unborn. A child is a gift. I will always fight to protect the lives of innocent, unborn babies who have as much right to live as do we. I will champion laws that protect the lives of the unborn.

Election Integrity

Voting is a sacred right given to citizens. It should not be given to people who come to the United States illegally nor should it be abused by those who want to “game the system” for their own partisan gains. We are asked for photo identification when we go to the bank; why should proving we have a right to vote in a particular district be any different? Vote ID laws are supported by a majority of our citizens who are as eager as I am to protect the integrity of our elections and ensure that our leaders are chosen in free and fair elections by those who are eligible to vote.

Medical Freedom

There is no greater hypocrisy right now than adults who flaunt mask mandates yet demand that our children be masked for the entirety of the school day, including outdoor recess. Tens of thousands of small businesses have been shut down while those struggling to remain open have been turned into de facto police agents, forced to verify vaccination records and tell customers they must comply with state orders.

That isn’t about the science; it’s about control. Mask and vaccine mandates are unconstitutional, and I will stand up against those who try to enforce such rules. I will stand with those who oppose these draconian measures that have wreaked havoc on our children’s academic futures and their well-being, on our families, and on our economy. We need to get our country back on track and remove the heavy-hand of authoritarian government that seeks to rule through fear and punishment

Strengthening Parents’ Rights, Protecting Our Children

A high-quality education should not depend on where you live, nor should it depend on teachers’ unions holding our children hostage for political gains. Unfortunately, that’s what we’ve seen since the early days of the COVID-19 restrictions. Now, two years later, adults can enjoy the freedom of being maskless inside restaurants and sporting events, but children are forced to eat lunch in silence and wear masks during outdoor recess.

This stopped being about health months ago. It stopped being about safety months ago. It stopped being about “being in this together” once parents found their voices to decry these abuses that left their children vulnerable and scared.

It’s such a basic concept but one that has gotten so lost: we must listen to parents. A generation of children is being punished and their education, future success in life, and mental and physical health is at stake. For too long, the teachers’ unions have controlled what goes on in the public schools that we, as taxpayers, pay for. I will listen to parents. I will support parents’ right to choose the best educational path for their children. I will put children first, and teachers’ unions last.

Growing U.S. Competitiveness

It’s as basic as apple pie: higher taxes, and more and stricter regulations on small businesses destroys our competitive edge. We watched this play out to a shocking degree as restaurant after restaurant, small business after small business, entrepreneur after entrepreneur closed their doors in the wake of highly restrictive and abusive government policies that made it impossible for all but the largest corporations to continue operating.

We need the WalMarts and Targets and other large-scale grocery and retail stores. We need the chain restaurants. We also need small businesses and mom-and-pop diners, cafes, and restaurants to create a strong and diverse economy.

We’ve made it so hard for small business to succeed that so many would-be successful risktakers have become too scared to take that risk. Businesses need certainty for long-term planning. They need assurances from their elected leaders that we will act in a manner to protect them and create an environment in which they can succeed.

While we’re creating a healthy and robust environment for small businesses to succeed, we must also combat inflation and the runaway government spending we’ve seen over the last two years. We cannot spend our way into prosperity. We cannot break the backs of small businesses and hard-working families who deserve to keep their paychecks in their own pockets instead of surrendering it to the government. We must put a stop to abusive taxes and punishing regulations and instead commit ourselves to doing everything we can to grow our economy and grow small businesses instead of continuing to grow the government.

Protecting Our Borders, Fixing A Broken Immigration System

We are a nation proudly build on the hard work of immigrants. We celebrate our nation’s diversity, and we should continue to welcome those who follow the right path to come to our country legally. We should do everything in our power to close our doors to violent gangs and criminals, sexual predators, drug runners, and others who are not coming to America to prosper but rather to harm our citizens. Over the last two years, though, we’ve gotten this completely backwards. Border arrests and deportations are way down; crimes committed by people who are here illegally are way up, and we are less safe.

Our immigration system is broken. It shouldn’t take upwards of a decade for a law-abiding person to gain their citizenship. Children should not be punished for their parents’ crimes. We need to streamline our process so that anyone who wishes to become a U.S. citizen because they believe in America and want to contribute to her greatness can do that. We cannot reward those who come here illegally with our cherished right to vote, identification cards that will enable to them to obtain taxpayer benefits, or give them a bus pass or plane ticket to any of our cities.

We are a nation of laws. We should update our laws, not toss them aside for political points. The last two years, we’ve had it backwards – it’s time we tell criminals, gangs, predators, and terrorists that our borders are closed to them while ensuring we roll out the welcome mat for those who are committed to following the legal path to become an American.

Standing With Our Allies, Standing Against Our Enemies

The security of our nation abroad begins with understanding who are our friends – and who are not. We abandoned thousands of men and women and their families who we asked to stand with us in Afghanistan. We threw away the sacrifices of our own sons and daughters. These were disgraceful actions that will reverberate for years to come unless we take definitive steps to stand with our allies and stop appeasing our enemies.

Russia. China. Iran. North Korea.

These countries do not want to engage in talks or peaceful agreements. They want to destroy us and everything that America stands for. My 30 years serving in the U.S. Navy taught me how to assess threats, how to understand the battlefield, and how to respond. When we respond with weakness, others will show strength. When we lead from behind, others will step forward. And when we abandon our allies, who will want to stand with us?

The strength of America lay in the last 11 words our of National Anthem: “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” We must restore our global reputation and repair the damage of the last two years by being clear with those who mean to do us and our allies harm.

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Andy Baan is a retired member of the Navy. Use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform do not imply endorsement by the Department of the Navy or the Department of Defense.

Early Voting: May 5 – June 18
Election Day: Tuesday, June 21, 2022